Serving Clients and Customers

Interested in selling your business? EEAS can assist you by analyzing and valuing your business, and real estate. We can then represent you as our client and market your business to recommend prospective buyers that match-up with your, and their, school criteria. Our goal is to maximize the value you receive for your business and to conduct the transaction “closing” in as short a period of time as possible.

Interested in buying an operating school? EEAS will get to know you and your business goals and school selection criteria. We thoroughly asses and understand your priorities with regard to your target market, school financial performance, investment criteria, facility size and scope, and other factors of your desired school acquisition. We can also find land to build a new school, find an existing building to convert to your childcare center, or find a closed childcare center for acquisition and conversion to your brand.

EEAS expertly conducts searches within targeted markets to define areas within the market that meet our client’s demographic and customer location criteria. We assess the success criteria for your childcare center based on your existing school or based on childcare industry performance criteria. EEAS can be engaged by Clients to develop a market development plan and/or to pinpoint desired areas for schools. Our technology suite and expert users allow us to narrow our searches to the areas that represent the success criteria of our clients.

Knowing who your customers are is a foundation piece for finding areas for the location for your school. EEAS can analyze your current school customers and segment them into socio/psychographic groups. The segments are then applied to the market and areas within the new search to fine the most ideal areas for your school. Knowing the customer segmentations and then combining with knowing the distance and time traveled to reach your school, knowing the median household income, population density and make-up of age groups add multi layers to finding the best area for your new school, whether it is finding an operating school, land for a new school, a building for conversion, or a closed childcare center,